Walnut Shell Media Blasting

Our custom grit of black walnut shell is certified sustainable and biodigradable. This shell is safe to use around glass and softer surfaces, as well as being safe for animals, lawns, and landscaping. Our blasting technique leaves an ideal velvet surface to receive our finishes and stains.


Staining and Finishing

At Aboveboard we work together with our clients to choose from a variety of staining and finishing systems. These systems go from low VOC breathable oils to 100% water based products.


Chinking and Energy Sealants

Our chinking and sealing methods produce a high quality result. Whether our clients want a traditional or more modern look to their chinking, we can create an attractive and protected home. Well sealed homes are more energy efficient, comfortable and bug resistant.


Rot Repair

We use specialized marine grade, wood epoxies. These are the best products on the market today. We remediate, harden, and rebuild damaged or rotten areas.


Rodent and Insect Control

We have cutting edge technologies to keep the rodents and insects outside, where they belong.


Restoration and Repairs

We can replace or repair damaged windows, doors, stairs, railings, and foundations.

We use quality products to renew and protect wood in all forms. High quality products combined with solid workmanship make for a beautiful outcome.


How We Get Started

We begin each quote by getting as much information as possible about the particular house through conversations with each client. We then walk through the project, wall by wall to see what is needed. There are many ways to deal with areas of concern.

Our Products

We use a multitude of processes to restore and refinish a log, timber frame, and wood-sided homes. We feel that it is imperative to use the highest quality products that are made specifically for log and wood homes. We use Permachink, Sansin, and Cloverdale as our main products, depending on what is needed and the client’s budget. backerrod

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